Code For Equity

So what exactly is Code for Equity (C4E)?

As the name suggests, code for equity is the transfer of shares in a company in return for a pre-determined amount of technology services.

There are many known cases of companies who have bartered services in return for stock options. Though it is a known model, it is uncommon and the investment amount is often quite small. We are looking to formalize this investment model and strive to increase the investment tickets and push the envelope of code for equity to maximize returns for all stakeholders.

Exponential Growth

Why Code for Equity?

C4E can often be the difference between an idea and a physical product. The chances of getting funded is reducing every year, mostly due to the prevailing trend of startup culture and increasing competition for funds.
Startups that have a functioning MVP have a 50% better chance of being funded.

Our Investments

Code for Equity
Chicago, IL

Together with Blu Yeti we have created a platform that features a comprehensive educational experience for one of the largest religions in the world with a target market of 1.5 billion followers.

Code for Equity
Jacksonville, FL

Winner of the concept of the year award by the United Inventors Association of America, Fourball is a mobile app that connect golfers based on their age, location and skill level.


Dubai, UAE

A Property platform currently in stealth mode, we are helping LINQ to achieve their vision with a top talent development team. Watch this space for more details soon!

Code for Equity
Miami, FL

A startup looking to be an innovator of the $70 billion golf industry, trying to create everything better, faster and customized for their customers. We are tasked to create their entire e-commerce platform and inventory management system.

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