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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just go to a traditional VC or Angel investor?

Traditional routes of raising capital are also great.  The key advantage with code for equity through us is we will bridge the gap between a concept and ‘proof of concept’ or even ‘validation’.

That means when you go to an investor with a functioning product or even paying customers, the amount you can raise and the equity you will have to give up in return reduces dramatically, depending on which stage of progress you decide to do so.

What is your average investment size?

Our investment tickets start from $50k through and we can go up to $500k.  depending on the opportunity, market size and a wide array of factors that go into our assessment criteria.

Why Code for Equity?

Often a just concept and a good team is enough to secure Pre-Seed capital.  However, it requires giving up a large chunk of equity in return as without functioning technology, it is the point of highest risk for an investor.

At LWG, we help you take your business from a concept to ‘proof of concept’ or to ‘validation’.  What this means is when you go to your investor, you will reduce their investment risk significantly, saving lot’s of equity in return.

How much equity does LWG take in return for its investment?

We assess each venture individually, taking into account the potential and all other variables.  The equity ask can range anywhere between 3% and 30%, depending on the size, current valuation.

When will you get back to us?

We usually will respond to applications within 5-10 working days of the submission.  We may respond earlier if we need further information.

What is your criteria to make an investment?

As with any investor we look for a big markets, innovative ideas and an excellent team with a track record of delivery and an ability to execute!

What size of companies does LWG invest in?

We invest in all types of companies from startups’ all the way up-to investments with Enterprise level firms.  Feel free to submit your pitch deck or proposal.

Does LWG focus on any particular industry?

No, we are completely agnostic to industry type.  We will invest into any industry, as long as it an investable venture.

How do I know you will not just copy our idea?

All submitted documents and pitch decks are automatically under NDA.  You can read our Privacy Policy here.

How do we know you will provide quality code?

You can take a look at some of our clients and projects.  We have worked with companies with 70 million customers and have built some innovative products.

We work on an agile methodology so our partners will be involved every step of the development cycle to make sure there are no surprises.  We make sure to use good development practices throughout the development cycle.

How long does it take to make a decision?

We will respond to your submission within 5-10 working days.  A deal may take longer depending on paperwork and due diligence requirements.

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